I had a nightmare earlier.

It was about my family.

I’m positively scared of the day it happens.

On a side note, I’m bothered by an overly-concerned colleague.

That dude needs to chill with all the texts.


Do anything I want when I grow up?


Sunset by Nagarkot

Well that was what my Mom told me when I was a child.

20 years on, I haven’t done ‘anything’ worthy to be called ‘something’. Le sigh.

Education: I passed all my GCEs, got my Bachelor’s . Not the best student around but at least I can spell and form sentences. Plus I know several languages thanks to my heritage and nationality.

Relationships: Blah. In and out.

Finances: Barely saved after 4 years of work. Bills bills and more bills 😦

Travel: Been backpacking yearly. I enjoy the solitude. Seen and photographed pretty sunsets and animals.

Friends: A nice group of friends. Though I realise I’m being nasty to some recently. Not nasty bad but bitchy. I’m blaming PMS. I’ll see how I can mend it.

Work: 2 jobs. First one sucked and I suffered physically and mentally. Second job now is the total opposite. Nice boss and environment. But I’m turning complacent so I need to start creating a goal list now.

If I were to rate my life till now, I’m a BLAH on a scale. To be born in a developed country and be given so many opportunities, I guess … I guess I should be achieving more.

Teasing Sugar


sly looking fella

Cats hate me for the same reason dog people hate them.

I go to them when I seek entertainment just like how they go to humans for food and cuddles.

Sugar (fatty) hates me. She hides in the corner whenever she sees me. But I just love teasing her royal fattiness.

Recently, I found a way to get Sugar to come to me.

Anchovy traps. Laying anchovies all over my arm so she will have to come pawing over to get to her favourite snack. Then I will sneak a hug attack on her and she will struggle out of my arm lock within 10 seconds. Repeat trap for another 5x or till I’m out of anchovies.

Oh I just love teasing her.

She should count her blessings that she is living in luxury and let me cuddle her more!