New obsession

I’m typing this in the dark. I should be in bed but I thought I should update.

New camera.

I’ve been playing with my new toy for a few weeks.

Nikon FM10. 35-70mm lens. Black & White Fujifilm Neopan 400.

I suck at learning cameras but I think I have a pretty good grasp of capturing pretty angles and subjects’ emotions. Sent my first roll of colour film for processing. Hope it turns out decent.

I’ve been very reliant on my DSLR’s auto-focus and sharp aperture settings.

I hope I’ll do good for the manual SLR too.

Metal teething.

I’m currently deciding on getting braces (ortho) after a long struggle with my protruding upper arch. Compared to other cases of bad teeth, mine seems like a  case of vainpot wanting to fulfill a childhood dream of getting aligned teeth. That’s what I was told by friends recently. Thinking back, I didn’t really wanted braces in my teens. The teeth issues probably surfaced when I started working and having enough money for my material needs. Why should I hold back if I have the financial ability? I’m just a little jittery that the dentist wants to pull out more teeth from me. i probably have less than 30 now! Dentures might be cheaper next time!

Growing Social.

After being in isolation and pretending to be emo for a period of time, I’ve come out of my zombie mode to hang out with friends again.

Had quite a few drinking sessions and caught up with my friends’ lives.

Started being critical of other people.

And becoming really conscious of staying sober when with guys.

Whipping out my Nikon to capture cute moments.

I can safely say I’m on the safe side of drinking.

Though the last session was a little too much on my pocket and some hands were everywhere.

The past still bothers me once in a blue moon but I’m very sure I’m over those days. 2 years and counting. I’m still hiding but not afraid anymore.

Office politics.

My boss had just tendered his resignation. I’m really happy for him. He deserves that major government offer that he has just gotten.

I’m not sure when I’m getting off. Maybe soon. I’ve sort of planned my route. I do want to work overseas in the coming year. It might be a little tough when the braces are fixed.

I’m feeling rather happy these days. 🙂


Tribute to my iPod Touch



You came to me one day when Alex decided to get an iPhone.

And we’ve not looked back.

You were there when I was all alone travelling.

You were there when I was crying myself to sleep.

You were there when I was prepping for big days.

You held my secrets and thoughts.

You held my family’s photos and memories.

Thank you for being a trusty companion in darkest and best days.

I haven’t thought of finding a replacement and having no music on the train kills me.

I hate listening to the world in the morning.

I blame my carelessness. I hope the person who finds you enjoys my music.

It isn’t easy maintaining playlists for years.

I lost my trusty iPod Touch on a recent island trip. I was listening to it on the ferry back to Mersing (Malaysia), enjoying the sea breeze. I’m bummed and I’m punishing myself by not rushing to buy a new one. Grieving, literally.

Up north! Malaysia road trip 2012!

I’m in the mood. I think I’ll share some photos from my road trip in Malaysia last Christmas. It was a short 5-day trip with my friends before I made another trip to Taipei to countdown to 2013 with my Taiwanese friends. No shots of faces will be shown.

Rehab for online shopping?

Guess how many pairs of Melissa shoes do I own now, since my first pair this January?

Truth: I am a horrible and addicted online shopper. I can buy anything and everything as long as I have a justification for it.

Myth: I am not in debt. I can pay my bills punctually.

With all the ‘friendship fiasco’ going on in the last few weeks, the last thing I need is having my weekends ruined by unnecessary name calling or finger pointing. I’m done with my phone and all ready to scour the world wide web for great deals (with the help of my trusty credit cards). Sometimes I really feel the need to cut up my cards and check into a rehab. But then, I can buy a new pair of shoes and feel better again.

How did it all started?

Back in 2004 when I was still in junior college (high school), I was hooked on Korean dramas which featured plenty of cutesy clothes and accessories. With the introduction of broadband internet in my house and a brother who was away at army and university, I had the whole computer to myself. So I started joining spree-sales on forums, paying little commission to the buyers who import from Korea.

How it escalated?

I found out that I could actually order stuff on my own if I were able to read simple Korean and that was the huge enlightening. After weeks of practicing Korean writing and navigating on the Korean sites, I started my own spree ordering. I moved on to international sites from US and UK then. I had a debit card since I was 17 as I would use it during my vacations. When I landed my first job after university, got credit cards and started buying brands that I would seldom use due to my busy schedule. Shopping online helps me to de-stress. I would even buy random stuff for friends because I found the items pretty/cute. I just thought if I do not have a use for them, I can buy them for my friends. I  bought an artwork a month back and it is hanging in my office like an obituary notice.

The sad fate..

Right. In my last post, I mentioned my lack of finances even after years of work. I pay my parents every month because they sponsored my student tuition. And after all the bills, I do have some cash and I deliberate between spending or saving. If I do save, I will usually spend all of them on a holiday. I will go backpacking for a few weeks and every penny will be gone. Having been through dirty hostels when I was younger, I chose to pay more and live and eat in luxury these days. Again, all luxury flights and hotels were booked online with my trusty credit cards. I still owe the bank but I’m never late on minimum repayments.

Some resolutions..

I’ve mention very often to friends that I intend to go on a year-long trip when I hit 30. Instead of stopping online shopping altogether (impossiboruu!), I shall slow down my purchases by saving them instead of adding them to cart. Then I’ll take a look at my saved items, sieve through and make a final decision on which ones to cart. It sounds tough but I’m dead focus on saving money for my trip and donating to the charity of my choice. I am also going to start packing some unworn purchases and start giving them out. It will give me an idea of what clothes to avoid carting while shopping online.

This morning, I ordered 2 pairs of shoes out of curiosity. I had just found out that the site offered free international shipping and I was hankering for a new pair of shoes after one of my favourite pair broke. That was my justification. I know for sure I will not be buying new ones for the next few months, I think.

Rehab or no rehab?

I refuse to go to rehab!

I have 8 pairs of Melissa shoes and I love the bubblegum smell that comes with every pair!


Teasing Sugar


sly looking fella

Cats hate me for the same reason dog people hate them.

I go to them when I seek entertainment just like how they go to humans for food and cuddles.

Sugar (fatty) hates me. She hides in the corner whenever she sees me. But I just love teasing her royal fattiness.

Recently, I found a way to get Sugar to come to me.

Anchovy traps. Laying anchovies all over my arm so she will have to come pawing over to get to her favourite snack. Then I will sneak a hug attack on her and she will struggle out of my arm lock within 10 seconds. Repeat trap for another 5x or till I’m out of anchovies.

Oh I just love teasing her.

She should count her blessings that she is living in luxury and let me cuddle her more!

Where did the time go?

1st Birthday.. cake was shared with my elder brother whose birthday was a few weeks ahead.

I chanced upon this photo while clearing whatsapp crap pics off my phone. 24+ years ago. This chubby little thing has morphed into a 5 ft 7 monster that still throws a fit when things don’t go her way. My mum’s doctor only wrote ‘big baby’ in my birth booklet. So that’s what we pay gynaecologists for.

Recently, I found a bunch of photobooks in my grandma’s wardrobe that had photos from the 1960s,70s and 80s. It was weird seeing my uncles’ and mum’s younger selves. Sometimes I wish I can read their minds and know how they look upon their lives.

I had a good browse through my old blog on blogspot and I’m surprised by the words I used as a high schooler. I think I would want to go back in time and give a pat to my younger self.

You have grown up well despite the odds and crazy hair.
Stay true to yourself and continue trying life.
What you will go through in the next few years will be tough but please press on.
Thank you for never giving up even during the hardest times.