I had a very interesting catch up with 2 friends from my past. They’ve made me realise how my perspective had changed over the last 10 years.

Coincidentally, both of them found me on facebook (urg social media).

Both of them reminded me of a different me from my childhood/ teenage days.

Friend A: I met her in secondary school. She was a junior that lived near me and we hung out often because of our common interest of sports. She was living with her Dad then and did not have any one take care of her daily meals. Being a senior, I felt compelled to help even though I was only 2 years older …

“I still remember that time you came to my house to cook cabbage and dried shrimp for me to eat. haha.” she texted me.

Wow. Now that she shared it, I totally remember trying to cook up a storm at her place with my horrible cooking skills. I wanted to make sure that she was able to have some home-cooked food. Friend A is doing pretty well now, studying and travelling. Something I’ll never imagine her doing and I’m really happy for her.

Friend B: I met her in primary school. She was only in my class for a year and had to transfer to another class due to her falling grades. I had fun doing athletics with her because she was a really good runner and had a very kind outlook. We went to the same secondary school but she dropped out in the third or forth year because she got pregnant. Her beautiful child is 10 years old now.

“.. I’m selling XX Canadian coffee now.. do you mind to give a little support?”

Whoa. That was the start of an awkward exchange of messages. Yes. I did give a little support in the end but I totally didn’t feel comfortable. But knowing she’s trying very hard to support her child and making a living, I just helped. It just felt different.

Both ‘reunions’ made me recall that I used to be a courageous individual that would go all out to help a friend in need. It seems like after leaving school, I haven’t exactly opened my heart to any friend fully. I question my friends’ moves most of the time. I might have portrayed myself a neutral party in most situations, choosing to sit out of conflicts.

I just realised I haven’t lived as what my teenage self would want me to. I wondered. Is that really what growing up means?




Up north! Malaysia road trip 2012!

I’m in the mood. I think I’ll share some photos from my road trip in Malaysia last Christmas. It was a short 5-day trip with my friends before I made another trip to Taipei to countdown to 2013 with my Taiwanese friends. No shots of faces will be shown.

a functioning liver

ImageI’m talking about my drinking habit and my poor liver. A hobby that turned its back on me over the years. I was never a drinker growing up. My teenhood was spent on sports and silly girls’ outings. And TV series that made no sense but instill Cinderella dreams in me. But I grew up with relatively big feet for a girl (and height) so I gave up trying be part of the norm. Perhaps that lack of normality made me a shoe addict now. Back to topic. I’ll share about my shoes next time.

I started my drinking campaign during my first job. Over the years, it progressed into a social thing. My circle of friends bond over drinks. New friends are made over pints of beer. The first beverage I’ll drink on my holidays are probably local beers.  Even our roadtrip became a beer-tasting trip. At the end of regular drinking nights, someone in the group would have made a confession about his/her past. What I’ve cultivated over the years is a liver and heart that suppresses everything. I never liked having to use my brains during hangouts.  I’ve grown to be more careful over my drinks and I’m proud to declare that I’ve never been drunk. But sadly, I’ve suffered tonnes of hangover and I’m never proud of them.  

It was a nightmare to go from being a casual drinker to a hardcore one. I drank because there was a need to socialise with my superior and colleagues in my first job. And I’ve learnt it the hard way for nothing comes free and what happens after drinks is another story. Drinking made me fearful of others but also drew me closer to some. I’m slowly growing out of the past of drunken stupidity and hangovers, and encouraging myself to start enjoying my blanc or tiger or even qingdao beer.

I’m thankful for the kind liver in me for tolerating the unnecessary alcohol overload. I am also thankful for friends that were always there to have a drink with me after a day’s hard work. Let’s hope I’ll breakdown one day over a beer too. Ha!