Comforted to Comfort

‘Comforted to Comfort’ was a lesson I’ve learnt from a fellow colleague in my current job. I had the chance to interview her last year on why she took on the job of a medical social worker in our hospital. She recalled having been consoled by many when she lost a love one during her teenage years and was inspired to become a person who can provide comfort for others in times of adversity.

I was really inspired by what she shared. I wondered if I would be suited to have a job like that.

I googled the phrase earlier and came across this page on yahoo. Although I am not a Christian by religion, I am touched spiritually by what was said.

When I first found out about the passing of my friend’s Dad, the phrase came to mind. I believe the best I could do in this period of grief would be a source of comfort for my friend. I believe her late Dad would want me to do that too. He was a kind and generous gentleman who helped anyone, even little animals. His heart of gold resulted in 9 cats and many other pets at home.

Uncle’s final wake was held today. I was there throughout and it hit me really hard when the coffin was pushed into the furnace for cremation. I pray that he will be happy in the next realm with all the love from everyone. Even the press featured his accomplishments back in the good old days.

It is going to be tough for the family in the days to come. I hope I’ll be able to be there for my friend. Having gotten comfort from others during my tough times, I hope to be a source of comfort for her now.