Goodbye Uncle Koh.

I just saw my best friend’s post on her FB:

Dad has gone to a better place today….

I teared just reading the line.

Prior to this, I was distancing myself from her because of a petty squabble. I’m regretting not being there for her during this period of distress. Being complacent because I knew her Dad was in good hands at the hospital.

Her Dad was a great man who gave his all to his family. A Dad that I wished I had too. An uncle who allowed me to play with his daughter in his office 10 years ago and entertained us given his old age.

I’m at a loss and I have no idea how to comfort my friend except to text my condolences and request that she let me help for the funeral if possible. I pray that she is holding up well with the support of her husband and family.


Thank you Uncle Koh. I will always remember your loving kindness.