Do anything I want when I grow up?

Sunset by Nagarkot

Well that was what my Mom told me when I was a child.

20 years on, I haven’t done ‘anything’ worthy to be called ‘something’. Le sigh.

Education: I passed all my GCEs, got my Bachelor’s . Not the best student around but at least I can spell and form sentences. Plus I know several languages thanks to my heritage and nationality.

Relationships: Blah. In and out.

Finances: Barely saved after 4 years of work. Bills bills and more bills 😦

Travel: Been backpacking yearly. I enjoy the solitude. Seen and photographed pretty sunsets and animals.

Friends: A nice group of friends. Though I realise I’m being nasty to some recently. Not nasty bad but bitchy. I’m blaming PMS. I’ll see how I can mend it.

Work: 2 jobs. First one sucked and I suffered physically and mentally. Second job now is the total opposite. Nice boss and environment. But I’m turning complacent so I need to start creating a goal list now.

If I were to rate my life till now, I’m a BLAH on a scale. To be born in a developed country and be given so many opportunities, I guess … I guess I should be achieving more.