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Comforted to Comfort

‘Comforted to Comfort’ was a lesson I’ve learnt from a fellow colleague in my current job. I had the chance to interview her last year on why she took on the job of a medical social worker in our hospital. She recalled having been consoled by many when she lost a love one during her teenage years and was inspired to become a person who can provide comfort for others in times of adversity.

I was really inspired by what she shared. I wondered if I would be suited to have a job like that.

I googled the phrase earlier and came across this page on yahoo. Although I am not a Christian by religion, I am touched spiritually by what was said.

When I first found out about the passing of my friend’s Dad, the phrase came to mind. I believe the best I could do in this period of grief would be a source of comfort for my friend. I believe her late Dad would want me to do that too. He was a kind and generous gentleman who helped anyone, even little animals. His heart of gold resulted in 9 cats and many other pets at home.

Uncle’s final wake was held today. I was there throughout and it hit me really hard when the coffin was pushed into the furnace for cremation. I pray that he will be happy in the next realm with all the love from everyone. Even the press featured his accomplishments back in the good old days.

It is going to be tough for the family in the days to come. I hope I’ll be able to be there for my friend. Having gotten comfort from others during my tough times, I hope to be a source of comfort for her now.


I Will Not Forget You

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Time often passes by us in what feels like bursts of wind. It sweeps up everything around us in a kind of blind rush, moving and eroding patterns before we can catch our bearings. By the time it has passed — a month, a year, a relationship — it’s hard to even tell what has actually happened. And it isn’t until things have settled back down, into a place where they can be recognized and counted, that we start to feel the full weight of what has changed. Time with you was a burst of wind, and when I think of it, from memory alone I want to pull my sweater tighter around me.

I can’t say exactly what makes certain people more difficult than others, but there are undeniably those we love who refuse to fit into any shape we could possibly cut out for them. Their whole being…

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Goodbye Uncle Koh.

I just saw my best friend’s post on her FB:

Dad has gone to a better place today….

I teared just reading the line.

Prior to this, I was distancing myself from her because of a petty squabble. I’m regretting not being there for her during this period of distress. Being complacent because I knew her Dad was in good hands at the hospital.

Her Dad was a great man who gave his all to his family. A Dad that I wished I had too. An uncle who allowed me to play with his daughter in his office 10 years ago and entertained us given his old age.

I’m at a loss and I have no idea how to comfort my friend except to text my condolences and request that she let me help for the funeral if possible. I pray that she is holding up well with the support of her husband and family.


Thank you Uncle Koh. I will always remember your loving kindness. 

Up north! Malaysia road trip 2012!

I’m in the mood. I think I’ll share some photos from my road trip in Malaysia last Christmas. It was a short 5-day trip with my friends before I made another trip to Taipei to countdown to 2013 with my Taiwanese friends. No shots of faces will be shown.