Teasing Sugar

sly looking fella

Cats hate me for the same reason dog people hate them.

I go to them when I seek entertainment just like how they go to humans for food and cuddles.

Sugar (fatty) hates me. She hides in the corner whenever she sees me. But I just love teasing her royal fattiness.

Recently, I found a way to get Sugar to come to me.

Anchovy traps. Laying anchovies all over my arm so she will have to come pawing over to get to her favourite snack. Then I will sneak a hug attack on her and she will struggle out of my arm lock within 10 seconds. Repeat trap for another 5x or till I’m out of anchovies.

Oh I just love teasing her.

She should count her blessings that she is living in luxury and let me cuddle her more!