Dumb and Dumber Singaporean Reactions to the Haze

I’m usually silent about politics in my home country but the haze brought out the cat in me this few days. As a healthcare staff, I’ve witnessed how prices of masks were sold at 200% of its original price even within hospitals (not surprising though). Then, there are trolls who blame anybody and everybody for their plight in not getting masks and having to go to work in the haze. Seriously?!?! It’s not the government that’s driving me out, it is the people.

Do your part to help whoever you can when you have the ability and stop whining like a baby! You are worst than 6 year old Asmita (an adorable child from the Nepalese children’s home). Even Asmita knows when to stop wailing and comforts her friend to be brave and stop the tears too. TSK!


In times of crisis, how a country reacts speaks volumes about its people and its character. I am sad to say that many online reactions to the unprecedented haze does not bode well for the country’s future.

Why isn’t there a stop work order? Gahmen only care about economy and not its people!

This is the most common complaint, but there is a key piece of information missing in every complaint. Nobody backs up their complaint with how other countries react if the air quality is really bad. A quick online search tells us why:

  • On Wikipedia, there is only one case where a state of emergency is declared. If the API in Malaysia exceeds 500, then “non-essential government services are suspended, and…

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Teasing Sugar


sly looking fella

Cats hate me for the same reason dog people hate them.

I go to them when I seek entertainment just like how they go to humans for food and cuddles.

Sugar (fatty) hates me. She hides in the corner whenever she sees me. But I just love teasing her royal fattiness.

Recently, I found a way to get Sugar to come to me.

Anchovy traps. Laying anchovies all over my arm so she will have to come pawing over to get to her favourite snack. Then I will sneak a hug attack on her and she will struggle out of my arm lock within 10 seconds. Repeat trap for another 5x or till I’m out of anchovies.

Oh I just love teasing her.

She should count her blessings that she is living in luxury and let me cuddle her more!

I’m Always Pretending

Summed up my life for the last few years. I don’t even know how to open up to my friends now. I have no idea what’s my real personality. Whatever. And if I were to date someone now, it will be doomed to end for I will end up pouring all my woes and history (maybe not) out to him. I’m saving him the trouble of hating me.

Thought Catalog

I guess it all depends from your background and what you truly believe in. What you’re able to admit and what makes you ashamed, comes from the values you were raced by.

Thus, I don’t know which values I was raced by that makes me prefer one illness instead of the truth. It wasn’t my family, I would like to think. But, it was certainly society. I don’t know. I’m not here to blame, to be honest, I’m here to confess and to own up my behavior and admit that is wrong. To let it out somehow, to make it real.

I’m always pretending. Having one layer of personality on top of another. I laugh, I joke, I smile. Those who don’t know me, think I’m really easy going, but I’m not.

I hide because I’m afraid of rejection and I hide because I despise to be looked down upon…

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Where did the time go?

1st Birthday.. cake was shared with my elder brother whose birthday was a few weeks ahead.

I chanced upon this photo while clearing whatsapp crap pics off my phone. 24+ years ago. This chubby little thing has morphed into a 5 ft 7 monster that still throws a fit when things don’t go her way. My mum’s doctor only wrote ‘big baby’ in my birth booklet. So that’s what we pay gynaecologists for.

Recently, I found a bunch of photobooks in my grandma’s wardrobe that had photos from the 1960s,70s and 80s. It was weird seeing my uncles’ and mum’s younger selves. Sometimes I wish I can read their minds and know how they look upon their lives.

I had a good browse through my old blog on blogspot and I’m surprised by the words I used as a high schooler. I think I would want to go back in time and give a pat to my younger self.

You have grown up well despite the odds and crazy hair.
Stay true to yourself and continue trying life.
What you will go through in the next few years will be tough but please press on.
Thank you for never giving up even during the hardest times.


Cat in a brand box.

My friends adore the cat photos I post on my facebook wall more than my real face.

Things are getting personal between me and the cats at home and those that loiter around the estate posing in branded boxes like Maru. *sadface*

But really, I’ll gladly be a cat any day. Watching and feeding Sugar (bro’s fat cat) snacks was so therapeutic.

Bad funk

Jumping out of bad funk

Since returning from Nepal, I’ve been having long thoughts about what I should do next and start planning for myself. The thoughts do include reshuffling my social life, something I’m growing unsure about recently.

Just thinking away. Thankful I’m back at work.