1 more day…

Taken at the roof of a school in Pokhara, Nepal.

Till we land on the beautiful landscape of Kathmandu!

Absolutely excited to be seeing the mountains!

More work to churn before flying off.

Had the biggest laugh earlier.

I had asked my boss about a guy we knew through work partnership.

I needed to seek his gay-dar opinion as me and several friends are interested in matchmaking him with a girlfriend. Boss thinks he’s gay. DAMN!

I thought a ‘les mis’-t-shirt wearer would just signify he’s a literary guy!

Anyway my stomach is literally churning from the ‘internal laughter’, imagining the what-ifs should we had gone ahead with the match. HAHAHAHAHA! Oh my stomach!

Nb. I know some friends/ acquaintances do read this space so if you think I’m referring to you, you are given a license to bitchslap me if you are not who we think you are. Yes, the one who worked with me previously and wore a les-mis t-shirt. We really want to match you with a very sweet friend!

*Post trip update: He is as straight as whatever-that’s-straight can be. And we are not going ahead with the matchmaking. Cheyyy.