a nurtured optimist

208665_10150486945970608_5083646_nI was never a pessimist. Neither am I much of an optimist. But I do list Winston Churchill’s optimist quote as a personal favourite along with tonnes of Dalai Lama sayings.

But I am always grateful for every day. That explains this blog. I really am an optimist huh?

Not forgetting my Scorpio-traits, I get pissed-off pretty easily if I were to witness injustice or get really emo if someone shares a sad story on Facebook. Look me in the eyes if you need answers about my day’s mood.

Today, a friend posted this link (mywifesfightwithbreastcancer.com) on Facebook and I got teary-eyed just browsing through. I thought about the fragility of life, dealing with god’s arrangements for everyone and most importantly, heartbreaks that trail and last a lifetime.

I reckon my sensitivity came from my personal experience. My Mum was diagnosed with an illness that requires chemotherapy during my teens and she spent a good year in hospital battling the illness, inner demons and dropping hair. I grew really depressed during the period with no one to turn to. That’s what puberty does to you. I am glad our family got through the whole ordeal but it also made me cherish life even more. I became somewhat afraid of ‘death’ too.

Will I be able to bravely face the day where my loved ones leave?

Will I be able to leave my loved one behind when my time comes?

Have you lost a loved one and been suppressing the misery inside?

I know for sure that I’m slowly regaining confidence as a ‘smile-r’ and becoming a more ‘grateful’ person inside as everyday with my loved ones is a gift.